• Be a nonprofit organization,
    • Have a project around education and dedicated to 0-8 years old from low-income families,
    • Have a bioMérieux sponsor identified
    • Propose a project deployed close to a bioMérieux site.
  • The Fund has a holistic understanding of education – in other words, we would like to address “classical” challenges linked to education (reading, writing, counting) but also encourage projects linked to children’s well-being (language stimulation, self-confidence, sleep, nutrition, introduction to music, etc.).

    Direct beneficiaries of a project can be children and their family, but also those who provide education (teachers, teachers trainers, etc.) or the educational ecosystem.

  • The final beneficiaries of the project must be close to a bioMérieux site (not the HQ of the organization). We will be flexible to appreciate that criteria, given that a distance in one country does not mean the same elsewhere. Generally, we try to think close by so one can travel by car/public transport in a day.

  • They were defined by the Fund’s Board. They are:

    • Projects held in partnership with other private funders,
    • Capable to measure their impact,
    • Inclusive in their public,
    • Able to involve bioMérieux team members for one-off missions.

    There will be “bonus” points in some cases (examples: if the project is innovative or duplicable).

    • Online, in English/French/Portuguese/Spanish on www.biomerieux.com/fund,
    • From July 1st to September 15th.
  • One nonprofit organization can only apply for one project per country.

    If the nonprofit organization is a worldwide organization it can apply for several countries through their local offices.

  • The Fund’s support will be carried from 1 to 3 years for each nonprofit organization selected.

    A new Call for Projects will occur in 2023.

  • Each application must be complete with relevant documents –otherwise won’t be considered.

    Applications will be reviewed by region coordinators, then the final selection will be made by the Board on October 19th.

  • All NPOs having submitted a project, whether accepted or not, will be informed by email by the Fund, at the beginning of November.

  • It means that one NPO needs to get the support of a bioMérieux team member to apply to the call for projects. If the project is selected this person will monitor the project for the Endowment Fund until it is completed.

    If you are interested to apply but do not know any bioMérieux employee, please contact us at [email protected] (specify the name of your contact in the subject of the mail):

    • If your project is based in Asia Pacific, please contact Emily Zhang
    • If your project is based in Europe Middle East, please contact Raffaella Catena
    • If your project is based in North America, please contact Maya Balakrishnan
    • If your project is based in Latin America, please contact Paula Macias
    • If your project is based in Africa, please contact Patricia Ayandokun
    • If your project is based in France, please contact Sophie Ablott
  • It means that the Endowment Fund will not fund 100% of your project, you need to find other funders.

  • The templates are not ready yet, you will have a grid to fill-in to measure the progress of the project.

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  • You can look over your project by :

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